Insurance & Referrals

For Private Clients

  • A medical referral is not required.
  • We request payment at the time of consultation. If you are covered by a Private Health fund, please bring this with you. Rockhampton and Yeppoon Clinics have access to HICAPS. This would then mean that you only have to pay the difference (we ask that you please check with your health fund for what podiatry services are covered by your fund).

Is Podiatry Covered by Medicare?

If you have been granted a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP) referral, formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan, then you are able to claim a subsidy for up to five visits for podiatry per calendar year. These visits are allocated at the discretion of your GP. Please note, however we are not a bulk billing clinic and our clinic fee’s will still apply.

The specific number of visits allocated to podiatry will be listed on your referral form. To be approved for this plan, you'll need to visit your GP who will complete a full assessment to determine your eligibility.

If you do not have a GPMP, then Medicare will not cover or subsidise your appointment with us.

What Podiatry Service are Covered by Medicare?

Medicare defines a chronic condition as one that is likely to be present for at least six months. While there is no list of eligible conditions, Medicare uses examples including asthma, cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and strokes.

Of these, the most common conditions we see and provide care for is diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Paying with Medicare

We offer HICAPS in Rockhampton and Yeppoon only, meaning that you must pay our clinic fee on the day of service, and with a valid referral we are able to make the claim back from Medicare.

Paying Through Private Health

Many private health care providers have the option of podiatry cover for a range of care treatments, although often not all of them. Whether you're able to claim these benefits will completely depend on what private health insurance company you are with, and your level of cover. We do not have this information and cannot advise you over the phone of what your rebate will be - this comes from a legal agreement between you and your private health insurer.

To help you know what you can expect, you can give us a call so we can give you the item codes for the specific treatments that you require. Then, you can contact your insurer and quote these numbers, and they should be able to advise you about how much you’ll be covered for.


Our Podiatrists at CQ Podiatry enjoy working and supporting the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) participants to enhance their independence, mobility, overall health and quality of life. We work with each participant to understand their personal health goals and develop a plan together, to achieve their objectives. Our experienced Podiatrists ensure that you receive the best podiatry care possible.

CQ Podiatry are not a registered provider; however, we are able to treat Plan Managed and Self-managed participants.

Prior to your booking we ask that the below information is provided.

Self-managed participants: we ask that you bring your management plan, your NDIS number and your preferred payment method.

Case-managed participants: we ask that you provide us with your NDIS number, NDIS management plan, case manager name and contact details (email address, contact number and organisation contact details as well as any extra information we may need to assist in sending off the invoice).

Please fill out our NDIS referral form to ensure that we have all the correct personal and billing information.


We are registered as a provider of podiatry and foot care services to DVA clients, and are able to support and treat DVA clients if they hold either a DVA Gold Card or DVA White Card (specific). In some cases, DVA may require prior approval for some items like orthotics.

Prior to your appointment, you must get a DVA D904 referral from your GP, made out to CQ Podiatry in order to see our podiatrists. This referral will last for 12 months or a maximum of 12 visits, whichever comes first. There are usually no out of pocket costs for DVA.


  • A DVA D904 referral from your GP (this is required), which states the issue or condition that needs to be treated.
  • Your Gold or White Card

Home Care Package and Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC)

CQ Podiatry work alongside multiple services providers for both clinic and home visit Podiatry services. These service providers can aide in the allocation of funding toward assistance in Podiatry. For us to be able to invoice, we require written confirmation of cover from the service provider.


If you've been injured at work, and the injury is deemed to fall under the requirements of Work Cover, then you'll have the costs of repairing and rehabbing your injury covered with worker's compensation. A referral won't be required for our podiatrists to treat your condition, however, prior approval from WorkSafe will be obtained.

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