Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a registered health care professional who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb conditions.

Podiatrists in Australia are all registered with the Allied Health Registration Board of Australia, and abide by strict regulations governing sterilisation and infection control as well as continuing education.

Do You Need a Referral to See a Podiatrist?

No. A referral is not needed to see a Podiatrist if you are a private client.

However, clients who are seeing a Podiatrist through Medicare, Workcover, or DVA do need a referral from the general practitioner, surgeon or other allowable allied health professional that is referring the client.

Does Medicare Cover Podiatry?

This scheme is ONLY for patients who have long term chronic conditions. Your eligibility is at the discretion of your GP. There are also limits to the number of visits allowed per year, this will be discussed with you by your GP and health nurse.

For the convenience of our patients, we do offer to process the refund from Medicare after payment for services has been received. This can be done providing the patient has a debit card (we are not able to do this with BSB and ACC numbers) for the rebate to be transferred to. The process only takes a few minutes and means the patient will not need to take the receipt anywhere for further claims and generally takes a few hours to return to the nominated bank account.

Do Private Health Funds Cover Podiatry?

Many private health care providers have the option of podiatry cover for a range of care treatments, although often not all of them. Whether you're able to claim these benefits will completely depend on what private health insurance company you are with, and your level of cover. We do not have this information, and cannot advise you over the phone of what your rebate will be - this comes from a legal agreement between you and your private health insurer.

To help you know what you can expect, you can give us a call so we can give you the item codes for the specific treatments you require. Then, you are able to call your insurer and quote these numbers, and they should be able to advise you about how much you’ll be covered for.

Can I Claim My Private Health Rebate at Time of Consultation?

Yes. If your fund subscribes to the HICAPS system of payment, we can process your health fund rebate at the time of consultation meaning you only have to pay the difference. Currently claiming via HICAPS is only available in Rockhampton and Yeppoon not on Home Visit services.

Is CQ Podiatry a Bulk Billing Clinic?

At CQ Podiatry Footwear for Life, we don’t Bulk Bill.

Accompanied with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP, we charge a small gap – this is to ensure that we can provide the best experience (and longer consults) for our clients.

Full payment is required upon service. The rebate is able to be processed at this time provided that the patient has brought along their Medicare Card and Debit Card. Claiming can be done so on our HICAPS terminal after payment.

CQ Podiatry Footwear for Life ethos is that we:

  • Invest in our team
  • Invest in our clients
  • Invest in our clinic

The fee you pay supports us in these 3 main areas of our business.

  • When we invest in our team we provide them with the latest evidence-based training so that they can help you recover quickly to get better health outcomes. We also provide a front of house support team that doesn&t make you feel like a number.
  • When we invest in our clients we provide them with education resources, handouts, the latest modern equipment to help speed recovery and get them back on their feet to do what they love.
  • When we invest in our clinic, we aim to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for you to enjoy when you visit.

So, if we were to operate solely on bulk billing, we would not be able to provide you with all those great things that you look for when you visit our podiatry clinic.

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